Bus Kids

Faith United is a “pick-up/drop-off” point for students of Gibbon Public Schools and began offering the  kids on the bus an after-school snack three years ago.  What began as a cheese and crackers-type snack has evolved into a meal every Thursday after school.  You don’t have to ride the bus to come in for the early supper…everyone is welcome to come in for the free meal, and the program has grown to serving an average of 35-40 kids each week. Tagged as “BUS KIDS”, the students have learned that Faith United is a safe and welcoming place.  During winter and spring breaks, the “BUS KIDS” program offers a meal and a movie to fill the day for the kids and keep them safe and occupied.  Faith United and the kids have a strong bond and rapport, and the kids have become comfortable and know they will not go home hungry…we make certain of that!  Enough food is prepared to be able to send food home for other families members who can’t participate in the after school meal program.  The kids come in knowing they’ll be greeted with smiles and hugs and food...not only for their tummies, but for their souls as well!  COME JOIN US!  We welcome your help, and the kids would welcome your company!